What Should I Know Before Filing a Truck Accident Personal Injury Claim?

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Filing a truck accident-related personal injury claim can be challenging and stressful. When preparing yourself to take legal action after your accident, there are a few things that should be understood to help the process run smoother:

  1. Insurance companies and their employees are not obligated to explain the law or the claimant's rights.
  2. Insurance companies and their employees are driven to protect the company, which often comes at the expense of victims.
  3. Insurance companies and their employees are not on the sides of the survivors, nor are they looking out for the survivors best interests.

This is why working with an attorney can be so beneficial, because it allows the victims to have someone on their side who is knowledgeable about all aspects of filing a lawsuit for these types of injuries.

Protecting Your Rights

When filing a claim, it is important that you understand the rights you have so you can protect them at all costs. This will help position the claim and recovery process for success. Here's what to remember:

  1. Never Admit Fault – Even if you think you were the cause of the accident, do not accept blame. Even making statements like “I'm sorry” should be avoided because it might be considered a guilty admission of fault.
  2. Focus on the Facts – Although you should only talk to an insurance agent after speaking with an agent of your own or a skilled attorney, only talk about the facts. It's common to see insurance agents try to coerce victims into saying things that will work against their case, so be sure only to discuss points like when and where the accident happened, parties involved, and weather conditions or road hazards that may have contributed.
  3. Never Agree to a Settlement Without Knowing the Details – It's likely to see insurance companies try to offer unfair settlements. Even if the payment seems reasonable to you, discuss the offer with an attorney before accepting any offer or cashing any checks. This will not only close the case but prevent you from getting the full compensation you may be owed to cover crash-related costs. This could be anything from medical bills to lost wages or vehicle repair costs.
  4. Don't accept denial – Denial as the last word on a claim is a commonly used tactic by insurance companies to send their employees. When the claimant does not know their rights and entitlements, it may be a way for them to protect their profits.

Let Us Help

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