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When another party’s negligence leads to your being involved in an accident, you may have injuries that will require weeks or months of care. This can flip your life around, leaving you with significant financial concerns and lingering health problems.

The best way to move toward receiving the compensation you deserve is through a personal injury claim. The state of Texas statute § 16.003 gives victims in personal injury cases up to two years to begin the process of filing a claim.

We Fight Hard for Our Clients

At the Hanna Personal Injury Law Firm, we can help you with every step of seeking the compensation you deserve. When the insurance company attempts to reduce the amount of damages it is offering to you, we will present the facts that show why you deserve a different result.

Insurers may try to claim that your own negligence played a role in the accident. They may also try to accuse you of exaggerating your injuries.

You Deserve Respectful and Compassionate Treatment

Our Odessa, TX, personal injury lawyers don’t allow big insurance companies to intimidate us. We defend your right to receive the largest possible settlement. When insurers try to make false claims against you, we will counteract their techniques with the facts.

From the first time you meet with our Odessa personal injury attorneys, you will understand why clients appreciate our compassionate style. We know how difficult it can be to face a situation like this. Many emotions are possible after an accident, and we want to respectfully guide you through this process.

Frustration is a common emotion for our clients. We understand why this feeling occurs. When an insurer accuses you of lying about your injuries or about how the accident happened, it seems unfair and unnecessary.

When you hire our Odessa personal injury lawyer to help with your case, our team will take over negotiations and communications with the insurance company. This gives you more time to focus on your family and on the healing process. We take pride in giving our clients the compassionate treatment they deserve.


At the Hanna Personal Injury Law Firm, we focus our attention on cases involving negligence. We want to help victims receive the compensation they deserve after someone else’s behavior leads to an accident.

Jon Hanna has successfully litigated thousands of cases in courtrooms throughout West Texas for nearly four decades. We have negotiated favorable settlements in countless other cases without the need for a court trial. Jon holds licenses to practice law in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.


Through our office in Odessa, TX, we are able to serve our clients in the community to the fullest extent. After you choose to hire our Odessa personal injury lawyers to represent you, we are always available for consultations. We will keep you regularly updated on the progress in the case. With the latest information at hand, you will be able to make the best choices to move forward with your situation.

Your long-term health condition is our primary focus throughout the process. We want to help you receive the biggest possible settlement in your injury case, ensuring that you are able to receive the medical care you need. Even if you need to see specialists or multiple doctors, achieving a fair settlement can help you do this.

We Have Tried Multiple Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Count on Hanna Law’s experience to help with achieving a successful outcome. No matter what kind of personal injury case you’re facing, we are ready to help you. Some areas of personal injury law we handle include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Oilfield accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Negligent product accidents
  • Wrongful death cases.

For a free consultation, please contact us at (432) 220-2649 or through our web site. From the first time you meet with us, you will see why our clients appreciate our compassionate care.

Yet, when it’s time for us to be forceful with the insurance company, we will make sure the insurer knows all of the facts in the case. We will not allow a big insurance company to try to bully us. We will fight for your rights above all else.


After a car crash with injuries, your first thought will be of making sure you and your passengers are alright. Once first responders arrive and provide treatment, you then may start to wonder why the other driver make such a serious mistake, leading to your injuries.

Our Odessa car accident lawyer understands your feelings of anger and frustration at being in this situation. You did not do anything wrong, yet you’re facing serious injuries that may leave you unable to work at the same time your medical bills are increasing quickly.

Count on our car accident lawyer in Odessa, TX, to use the facts in the case to show that the other driver’s negligence led directly to your injuries. Whether the other driver was drinking and driving, speeding, using a smartphone, or driving recklessly, we will present the information required to help you receive the largest possible compensation amount.

Our Odessa Car Accident Lawyers Will Work Tirelessly for Your Benefit

Insurers will fight hard to try to show that you don’t deserve a large settlement. However, our Odessa car accident lawyers will fight harder.

Trust that our Odessa car accident attorney will have your best interests at heart from the beginning of the case to the end. We want to make sure you receive the best possible outcome, both health-wise and financially, upon the settlement of the case.


All of us have an expectation that we will be able to go about our daily lives safely, whether that involves participating in activities or working at our jobs. Unfortunately, because some people choose to act negligently, this doesn’t always happen. This reckless behavior may lead to an accident in which you suffer an injury.

Look to our Odessa personal injury lawyer to defend your right to receive a fair compensation award. Our Odessa personal injury attorney will handle a wide range of cases that fit under the personal injury claim umbrella, including:

  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Workplace injury
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Burn injury
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Odessa, TX, Puts Your Needs First

Clients appreciate the personalized service we deliver. Our Odessa personal injury lawyers know how important it is to tailor our services to match the needs of each individual client. We want to relieve stress for you by taking over negotiations with the insurance company, working toward the best settlement we can achieve.

Contact us at (432) 220-2649 as soon as possible for a free consultation. As soon as you choose to hire us, we will be ready to begin working on your case. We will investigate all aspects of the case to your benefit, applying techniques we’ve learned through our proven track record of success.


After a workplace injury in the oilfields of West Texas, you can count on our Odessa oilfield accident lawyer to protect your right to seek compensation.

Even if your negligent employer is a large oil producer with numerous lawyers on its side, our Odessa oilfield accident lawyers will not back down. We don’t allow big companies to intimidate us or our clients. We rely on the facts in the case and on the doctor’s reports about your injuries to give us the ammunition we need to succeed.

Dealing With Serious Injuries in an Oilfield Accident

Because of the heavy machinery, chemicals, and flammable compounds found in an oil drilling operation, any injury that happens in this location can be life-altering.

Our Odessa oilfield injury attorney knows about the dangers of burns in this setting. According to Cleveland Clinic, burns on the skin from heat, chemicals, and electricity all can reach life-threatening third-degree levels.

When the insurance company is balking at paying you the settlement you deserve after your burns or other injuries suffered during an oil drilling accident, our oilfield injury lawyer in Odessa, TX, will give your case the attention it deserves. We will listen to your concerns about your long-term health outlook, and we will ensure the insurer listens, too.


Commercial trucks are a common sight on the roads around Odessa, TX. These trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, which means when a truck hits you, it will place significant force on your vehicle and body, potentially leading to life-changing injuries.

Our Odessa truck accident lawyer knows how for-profit insurance companies will attempt to treat victims. They may tell you that your injuries aren’t all that serious. You did not do anything wrong, though, and you do not deserve to receive disrespectful treatment.

Our Odessa Truck Accident Lawyers Will Work Tirelessly on Your Behalf

Trust that our truck accident lawyer in Odessa, TX, will provide the compassionate service you need to help you through this difficult situation. Our top priority is seeking a settlement offer that allows you to receive the medical care that you need to heal, while also winning a judgment that compensates you for your pain and suffering that may linger well after the crash.

Our Odessa truck accident lawyers also will fight hard to hold the negligent party responsible for its actions, whether that’s a truck driver, a trucking company, or the company that loaded the cargo. Some accidents involving trucks carry complexities that normal car accidents don’t have. If multiple parties played a role in the crash, our Odessa truck accident attorney will figure out how to hold all of them responsible.

For a free case review, contact the Hanna Allen, PLLC at (432) 220-2649 today.


When the negligent actions of another party led to a fatal accident for a loved one, you have the right to seek a judgment for a variety of items. When you hire our Odessa wrongful death lawyers, you could receive financial compensation for items including:

  • Medical bills from the accident
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost inheritance
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of counsel, companionship, and love for surviving family members
  • Pain and anguish for surviving family members.

We Understand How Emotional a Wrongful Death Case Can Be

With our Odessa wrongful death attorney on your side, we will stand up to an insurer who may be claiming that its client is not responsible for your loved one’s death. The emotions after the loss of a loved one can feel overwhelming. Our wrongful death lawyer in Odessa, TX, understands your grief.

We cannot bring your loved one back. We can hold the negligent party responsible for its actions, though. Along with winning the financial settlement that you deserve, we hope to bring you a sense of justice, too.

Our Odessa wrongful death lawyer understands that some people are leery of bringing this type of lawsuit. They may not want to relive the grief of the accident through the process of filing a claim. However, your loved one wouldn’t want you to suffer financial hardships after the wrongful death. Winning a judgment can help your family in many ways, easing your financial worries.

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