Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn Injury Lawyers


If you or a loved one has suffered a serious burn injury due to someone else’s negligence, it’s critical to call the burn injury lawyers in Abilene at Hanna Allen, PLLC. We will investigate your claim and fight to recover the money you need to pay your bills as you heal and stay focused on the recovery process.

Burn injuries can be some of the most devastating of all injuries. They’re excruciatingly painful and often necessitate long periods of recovery. Such injuries can require extensive medical treatment and care, and accident victims often turn to burn injury lawyers for help obtaining compensation. The emotional toll of burn injuries can also be enormous, as victims may be left with significant scarring and disfigurement, even after the physical wounds have healed.

The burn and scalding injury lawyers at Hanna Allen, PLLC are committed to representing clients with professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and compassion. We always strive to answer questions, explain processes, and listen to our clients’ concerns. Initial consultations with our burn injury attorney are free, so you have nothing to lose.

To schedule an appointment with a burn injury lawyer on our team, call (325) 440-9996or fill out our online form. Our skilled team has the experience you need to secure all the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Our Team Will Fight for Your Just Compensation

Serious burns can result from any number of accidents and causes. If you’ve been burned, it’s important to hire an experienced burn injury attorney to investigate your case, determine what party or parties are at fault, and calculate the full scope of your damages. Our Abilene burn injury attorney will know how to make sure all of your damages are covered and that you don’t end up with a minimal settlement from an insurance company.

Contact our burn injury attorney at Hanna Allen, PLLC for expert help obtaining injury compensation.

Here in West Texas, on-the-job burn injuries are all too common, especially at our booming oilfields, where workers may be severely burned in fires or explosions or by toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, oil companies and other entities operating in oilfields may cut corners and fail to uphold accepted safety standards as required by law, putting workers in danger. If you’ve been burned while working on an oilfield or at any other job site, you should call our Abilene burn injury attorney as soon as you’re able.


As burn and scalding injury lawyers, our goal is to represent your best interests and recover the maximum amount we can obtain for your damages. Following a burn injury, damages can be extensive. How much our burn injury lawyers recover depends on the severity and nature of your injuries and losses. While every case is different, the compensatory damages you might receive include coverage for:

  • Medical bills, including hospital stays, medication, medical devices, surgeries and procedures, and other medical expenses
  • Therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Lost future earnings or loss of earning capacity
  • Physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Deformity.

Only an experienced burn injury attorney has the expertise needed to estimate your past, current, and future damages related to your accident. A consultation with our burn and scalding injury lawyers can help determine your case’s potential worth.


You Focus on Healing — Let Our Burn Injury Lawyers in Abilene Handle Your Case

If you’ve suffered burns, it’s not recommended that you attempt to negotiate with an insurance company yourself. You are likely not completely familiar with which damages you might recover or how to calculate them. Additionally, if your injuries resulted from an accident, insurance companies will have an easier time pushing you into a low-ball settlement without our Abilene burn injury attorney on your side.

Hiring our Abilene burn injury attorney is the best way to maximize your payout and ensure that you receive the money you need to cover all losses.

Our burn injury lawyers in Abilene at Hanna Allen, PLLC will carefully research the circumstances of your case and identify responsible parties. We will fight to get you a fair settlement—and we will help file a lawsuit if both sides can’t come to an agreement.

Hiring our burn injury lawyers does not mean you will have to go to court. In fact, the vast majority of cases are settled outside of the courtroom. No one wants to go through with an expensive, drawn-out trial with an uncertain outcome unless the two parties absolutely can’t come to an agreement. However, if you’re denied adequate compensation for your injuries, a lawsuit may be the only option, and our burn injury lawyers in Abilene will be resolute, invaluable assets in the courtroom.


Expertise, Experience, and Care Define Our Legal Team

Burn injuries can happen under so many different circumstances. Perhaps you were driving and a reckless driver slammed into your car, causing a fire. Perhaps you were hard at work on an oilfield and negligence on the part of your employer or a contractor caused an explosion. Perhaps you came into contact with an improperly stored hazardous chemical. At Hanna Allen, PLLC, we understand that no matter how a serious burn injury occurs, it can upend your life.

Don’t trust an insurance company to have your back and offer you fair compensation. Our Abilene burn injury attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and make sure every responsible party is identified. We will hire the right experts to support your case and carefully calculate the full value of your losses. And we will fight to win you the compensation you need, whether over the negotiating table or in a courtroom.

You have nothing to lose by calling us for a free consultation. Dial (325) 440-9996 or request an appointment via our online contact form.


Our burn injury lawyers in Abilene often get asked questions about how our legal team can help burn victims. While you probably have many questions if you’re pursuing compensation, we’ve listed some common questions and answers below to provide useful information. You can always call us at (325) 440-9996and ask for a free consultation to learn more.

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  • How do I know whether I have a viable burn injury claim?
    A burn injury falls under the umbrella of personal injury. In order to have a legitimate claim, several elements pertaining to negligence must be established. You must have suffered damages, or losses. These can include medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses, lost income, and non-economic losses as well. The defendant must have had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care. For example, in the case of an oilfield, a worker’s employer may have a duty to exercise reasonable care by making sure machinery is maintained or see to it that chemicals are properly stored. In the case of a car crash, every person on the road has a duty to exercise reasonable care by driving safely and following the law. It must be proven that one or more parties failed in their duty to exercise reasonable care. For example, if the company running the oilfield fails in its duty to properly maintain equipment or store chemicals, or if a driver runs a red light or makes the decision to drive while intoxicated, such actions demonstrate negligence and lack of reasonable care. Finally, it must be proven that the defendant’s negligence and failure to exercise reasonable care directly led to the victim’s injuries.
  • How will I cover my bills from my burn injury?
    Suffering a serious burn injury puts you in a real bind. You are suffering physically and trying to recover but are also under an enormous financial burden. You have your mortgage or rent and regular bills to pay, plus other expenses directly related to your accident, like hospital bills and medication copays. And since you may be unable to work, you might not be drawing a paycheck. You may be approached by the party responsible for your injuries or by their insurance company, offering a sum of money to quickly settle on accident compensation. While we understand the temptation to take money handed to you, this initial settlement offer will almost certainly fail to cover all of your losses. The best way to ensure you will be able to cover all your bills is to hire our Abilene burn injury attorney to represent you. Insurance companies might look generous by quickly offering a settlement. However, they hope that you’ll take the initial compensation so that our personal injury lawyer won’t make them pay more.
  • How long will my burn injury case take to settle?
    It’s difficult to say how long your case will take to reach a settlement. Burn injuries are often the result of accidents like structure fires, workplace injuries, and use of defective products. Such cases can be complex as far as determining the exact cause of an accident and other circumstances. Still, a case could take weeks to settle, or it might take months or longer. Burn and scalding injury lawyers will also need to extensively evaluate your injuries and the current and possible future expenses that care will incur. It can take time to accurately determine the extent of your damages. While it’s difficult to have to keep waiting for an outcome, our thorough and detailed Abilene burn injury attorney will use that time to make the strongest case possible and obtain the most compensation for you.
  • What if I can't go to work after my burn injury?
    Loss of income causes significant anxiety—especially when your usual expenses are compounded by hefty medical bills. At the Hanna Allen, PLLC, our burn injury lawyers will take lost income into account when calculating the damages that you should receive. We will include any wages you lost while recovering from your accident. Further, if your injuries are so severe that you likely won’t be able to return to work at all, we will seek damages for lost earning capacity, which cover wages that you would have been expected to earn had your career not been cut short.
  • What if my loved one died from a burn injury?
    If your close relative—a spouse, parent, or child—died as a result of a burn injury that was due to another party’s negligence, you may file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim is similar to a personal injury claim but damages may include: Funeral expenses Medical expenses (from before the death of your loved one) Loss of the deceased person’s income Loss of benefits such as insurance, etc. Loss of inheritance, or what the deceased would have been expected to earn over a lifetime and left for family Mental anguish and suffering Loss of companionship Loss of consortium.
  • What are the different types of burn injuries?
    Burns are classified according to their severity. First-degree burns are the least severe, affecting just the first layer of skin. These burns are generally treatable with first aid at home. Second-degree burns are more severe than first-degree. Some may be treatable at home, but if in doubt, seek medical attention. While small, they are deeper than first-degree burns, damaging the second layer of skin as well. Third- and fourth-degree burns are the most serious. They affect not just the skin but surrounding tissue and nerves, even down to the bone. These serious burns require prompt medical attention and may necessitate skin grafts or surgery. Did you know that you can even suffer burns inside of your body? Not all burns are visible on the skin. Inhaling extremely hot air, smoke from a fire, or chemicals and fumes can injure the trachea, lungs, and other internal organs.
  • How will your attorney investigate a burn injury claim?
    Our burn injury lawyers in Abilene must consider all details when investigating a case. Sometimes the causes of burn injuries aren’t as straightforward as they may seem. For example, if a victim was burned after a car accident, it may be determined that a defective part ignited and caused burns. That’s why our burn injury lawyers must carefully review case materials, including police accident reports, eyewitness accounts, expert witness input, company records, safety protocols, and other key information. Our burn injury attorney will also look at a victim’s medical records to more fully understand the extent of injuries and what damages a victim will be owed to compensate for current and future care.
  • How can defective products cause burns?
    Injuries from burns result from more than just house fires and car accidents. Faulty consumer products can cause burns, as can other defective products. Products like hairdryers, consumer electronics, space heaters, e-cigarettes, and more can all cause damaging burn injuries. Even if these injuries aren’t fatal, experiencing pain and suffering and needing medical treatment after using a defective product are serious issues. If you’ve been injured after using a faulty product, our burn and scalding injury attorneys can help you obtain fair compensation and hold manufactures, vendors, and other such parties, accountable.
  • Besides fires, what can cause burn injuries?
    Some burns are caused by fires and open flames, but they’re not the only cause behind burn injuries. Chemicals and other harmful substances and agents can cause burns, too. Some of the most common causes of burns are: Thermal burns caused by exposure to fire, steam, scalding water, or a hot surface or material Chemicals that can cause burns, emit dangerous fumes, and pose other dangers Electrical burns Radiation exposure Burns caused by friction. You don’t need to be the victim of a thermal burn in order to receive compensation for an injury caused by a burn-related accident. Our burn injury lawyers are equally able to help victims whose burns resulted from damaging sources other than flames. If you have other questions about your case, our experienced team of burn injury lawyers in Abilene can answer them. We believe our clients should know all of their legal options. When you work with us, we also believe you should understand what’s happening with your case at every step.

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